I read more and more instances of this happening in the daily stream of visual and textual non stop inertia. Art is obviously immersed as much as everything else. I do however, think it plays a vital role in uncovering the mechanics of the system and really ‘good’ art provides a head space to generate thoughts and ideas which may in time help to tackle these issues. I want to come down or up or sideways from this thread now and direct the conversation, again back to you and your specific cultural ecology. Just a simple question for now, I know you probably don’t have typical days, but would you mind indulging me in a specific day you might have recently? How did it pan out? Just on a basic level nothing to in depth. I’m also interested to hear about the ‘scene’ in Milan or Italy in general? Here in Leeds the scene is dominated by the educational and municipal institutions of art. However, there is more and more graduate retention in the city and my friends and I and many other collectives, studio groups, facilitating organisations such as East Street Arts are creating a growing artist-led culture within the city which will hopefully re-address the hierarchical ‘visible core’ of art within the city. Its hard in the north of England to make a living in the sector, most go to London but there are movements afoot. It’s all very siloed still though with the obvious art market driven glitterati still holding the majority of the big bucks.
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