Obviously not! At least from the perspective of the originator of Hauntology, Jacques Derrida. Derrida’s deconstructionist argument, that no one thing can ever obtain full presence over something else – that which isn’t referred to always (sub)exists, exists in traces an example of deconstruction (when we say the word ‘man’, it is always in relation to the word ‘woman’, which haunts like a ghost word. The word ‘man’ cannot be thought of without that which isn’t mentioned:...
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Continuing on our quest to have less plastic in our lives, whilst visiting the open day at Sheffield University with my daughter- we discovered that they had a great shop selling lots of sustainable items. We were delighted to find that they sold metal straws. We had started using paper straws opposed to plastic ones at home, but we were delighted with the metal ones and they came with a little straw cleaners! we were very pleased with our new find .
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