My Favourite Image

When asked to present my favourite image I liked to think that it would be a very difficult job to choose from hundreds of images that I loved. However, this image jumped straight into my head when the task was given...


I decided to go through all my images in hope of finding one with more technical merit, maybe one with a more intriguing subject; but this picture has always been my favourite. Although it is comprised of several images, I believe they work together to create one image, one with movement and narrative.

These series of images were taken in Bristol in February 2011. The boys in the pictures are my young cousins, my family and I were visiting them and we went on a walk through the woods.

What I love about the picture as a whole is that it was purely accidental. I had only recently bought my camera and had just finished a photography course, so it was all still new to me. I was playing around with the depth of field, and as my cousin was quite far in front of me I thought I could use him as a focal point for practice. Straight after taking the first image, my other cousin starting running towards him. I kept taking photos to try and get one of them together.

I feel the image perfectly combines my passion for storytelling with photography, and I love that the impression of it completely changes after the first image, at first- lonely, but then playful. The pictures remind me of winter and the excitement of learning how to get the most out of my new camera. It reminds me of how proud I was when I first saw the images together.

These images are named 'Little Boys Lost' in my portfolio. A title I feel reflects the change in narrative of the image and conveys childhood playfulness.

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