This is the first instalment of a conceptual writing project initiated by artist-led collective The Retro Bar at the End of the Universe.


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Millennium Square- Kenopsia

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I really felt it today walking through the town centre. The usual hubbub of voices was silent with only the sound of traffic bouncing of the buildings. The citizens that had ventured out moved quickly often with masks on their faces, there was palpable tension in their demeanor . It felt like anything could happen. As I approached Millennium Square, a place which is always filled with movement, I stopped short. Not a soul to be seen, only the quiet coo of a pigeon as it flew overhead. I walked into the middle of the square. There was something eerie about the large screen re-playing some Yorkshire propaganda from a time that felt completely different. I was the only person in that moment, watching this place that should be so full of people. This was a new feeling, and it hit me like a wave. I have never experience vertigo, and I don’t know if this is how it feels, but I had to go find a bench to sit down. My heart racing. I reached for my water bottle…

JB_LEDGER — 1 week ago