Aleena is home after her husband, Gary, is at work late. She has 3 children, Sam, Alisha, and Olivia. A man messages her about a window....

A record of why and how Ossett Primative Methodist Church obtained a new Choir Stand in 1994.

A story about how a much loved ornamental dog came to be sculpted.

The role of friendship and its potentialities within the collective.

Discussion on Friendship

Questions on beginnings, ethics and commonalities.

Why I got a Passport.

How I imagine the wedding to look

Dreams can come true.

I do, I do, I do.

How we met

An unexpected encounter.

Deep pockets are essential

Time to go Trans-Atlantic.

When in Rome.

Appearances can be deceptive.

This film tells the story of an extraordinary young boy, called Phendulani, who survived the streets of a South African Township to become a high-flying student. What does he think about the state of South African today? What does he think about the country's dark past and what are his hopes for the...

The NGO shammesh aim to improve the condition of the people living in Benin. thus different humanitarian action is taken which includes health mission, education mission, helping orphans, access to water and many more. The shammesh center is situated in the center in the middle of the rural area and...

An imperfect view of i-Docs 2018: the i-Doc in 90 minutes

The South Africa strand of Voicing Hidden Histories built on work initiated by a previous small arts and filmmaking project called 'Changing the Story', with the aim of empowering South African youths to represent, through film, the dominant narratives of their communities as a means of generating a...

Throughout 2017 Prof. William Gould at University of Leeds worked with Indian activist filmmaker and theatre director Dakxin Chhara Bajrange and the members of his theatre company Budhan Theatre in Chharanagar, a settlement on the outskirts of Ahmedabad in the Northwestern Indian state of Gujarat....

Dies war mein erster Besuch in York und bestimmt nicht der letzte. This was my first visit to York and surely not my last.

In 2017, we spent 2 weeks with five inspirational young women from the small city of Codó in Maranhao, a North-Eastern state of Brazil as part of the AHRC GCRF project "Troubling the National Brand and Voicing Hidden Histories". The team consisted of the five young women - Alana Cristina Alenc...

From being a young boy I have fished, as did my father and grandfather. When David Wraith, a friend, lent me his grandfather's first fishing diary from 1893 to 1903 I knew I had to get it recorded for anglers to come. There is a link to the full diary that I have copied onto The Ossett and Gawthorpe...