Beca is home alone..... or is she?

The University of Leeds has partnered up with two NGOs, UK based Bishop Simeon and South African based Themba Interactive, to devise a participatory filmmaking and youth leadership programme with vulnerable youths in the East Rand of Johannesburg, South Africa. Over a period of 9 months, the project...

In 2012 I visited Münster for the first time. I went to find out more about the city and its twinning with York and to consider whether I wanted to get involved in rekindling the Twinning Association in York.

This is a story by Soo about coming from "The Big Smoke" to live in a small northern town.

York 1990

These are memories of when there was a Tufty Club in Ossett. It has been written by Janet and Nancy, two of the volunteers who ran it.

This is a story about being curious. It was started at the Be Curious festival at the University of Leeds in March 2017.

Today we are looking at people's experiences and memories of birth with help from objects and materials from the Thackray Medical Museum and stories already collected as part of the Birth Stories Project.

Well, this is a story of my closest friends, some of whom were people and some of whom were pets.

A documentation of the process of exploring the life of Professor Stan Openshaw, for his biography.

This is Andy Turner's version of the Pararchive story it deals with entropy, superposition, entanglement and geography.

Be Curious Festival 2017, University of Leeds What do you think we learn about city markets through sound and voice alone? How would you describe the ‘voice’ of the market? Do you think the market has a unique sound? What ‘voice’ should stallholders and market visitors be given...

This is a story about Stan Openshaw and me (Andy Turner). Stan was one of my greatest teachers and that is saying something, for I was lucky to have several. We first met in Leeds when I was an undergraduate student studying Mathematics and Geography. He supervised my dissertation when I was a maste...

Introduction to Yarn and the 'Weaving Ossett's History' project.

This story is based on a series of interviews of Samuel Broadhead Nettleton, an Ossett resident all his life, recorded in Autumn 1989 when Mr. Nettleton was 92. The interviewers were Arthur and Kathleen Shaw. The subject is "Old Ossett". This story is from the beginning of the tapes and is about...

A few pointers on using free web platforms from which to add your own photos, video and audio files to Yarn stories.

This is the story of a boy, an immigrant from Alsace-Lorraine, who went off to war at age 13, saw his step-father killed in battle, his one brother go down with an injury, saved another brother's life when he was shot, and spent his last 4 months of a 3 year enlistment as the last surviving family m...

A short story by Ruth Nettleton about Croft House, New Street, Ossett and the Whitaker family.

These are a few recollections by Ruth Nettleton, Chair of Ossett Historical Society of her memories of three local shops.

I had a completely different birth to the one I had in mind. I wanted to have a natural water birth at home, but ended up having a C-section due to my baby being in an undiagnosed breech position. Albeit being an emergency cesarean it was a wonderful experience and I look back to it very fondly.

The Ossett History Exhibition 2015 was a major cross-community project involving local groups and students in order to bring Ossett together in a celebration of its vivid history and heritage. Here, in commemoration of the second anniversary of the exhibition, Project Manager Charlie Adams overviews...

This is a bit of a ramble, some about the mungo and shoddy trade in Ossett, the way the town grew as the industry expanded and just a little about my family who lived and worked in Ossett. I will leave it to others to do more detailed work on the shoddy and mungo industry. People with a greater know...

Ossett railway station saw many comings and goings in its history and in 1914 it witnessed the arrival of Belgian refugees.

Den Etappenstart in York durfte ich live miterleben.