My grandfather Len Adams (on my mother's side) was a Yorkshireman (born in Ossett, UK) who moved his family to Canada in 1954, to Windsor, Ontario - after having served in the RAF in WWII. He was an amazing carpenter who built their first home in Canada and the cottage home that he and his wife Gwen retired at in Port Franks, Ontario.

He was an avid outdoorsmen as well as budding photographer and filmmaker. I inherited his cameras and his collection of super 8 films that spanned from 1954 to the early 1970's (just before I was born). Captured in these films are my mother and father and his mother Enid, her late sister Lynne and her children Dean and Tony, their father Joe and his family - as well as my grandmother Gwen and her sisters and friends.

I cut this montage together in 2007 after finally getting all the film transferred to Quicktimes - I had been sitting on this collection for over 10 years and finally did what I always wanted to - compile them into one film. I had grown up watching them with him occasionally - but had not seen them for over 20 years when I cut this. It was a very moving process of seeing family that had long since passed away moving before my eyes.

He also kept a tape recorder handy to capture sound here and there - its his voice that can be heard in the opening of the film... and occasionally throughout. Len loved hamming it up for the camera, which can be seen here.

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