Imperfect Interactive 1

In this first collaborative workshop of the Imperfect Interactive project, delegates will be offered the opportunity to join us in realising a short interactive documentary capturing i-Docs 2018, through our newly emergent experimental methods. Building on the Imperfect Cinema and Our Here projects, we put forward the provocation that an exploration of imperfect practices in i-Docs will broaden the possibilities for inclusion and impact via co-creation. Taking an open, trans-disciplinary approach to co-creation from the ground-up, imperfection as both method and DIY ethos, carries the potential to breach the barriers of exclusivity and professionalism. Imperfection as praxis carries the possibility for fledgling co-creators to shape the design, production and impact of the i-Doc. We invite delegates to collaborate in a practice-led workshop which will have the following aims: – Put forward the context, methods and case towards the development of an imperfect i-Doc praxis – Consider open trans-disciplinary approaches (analogue, digital, handmade-and anything inbetween) and collective workshopping as methods for breaking into new co-creation territories – Invite workshop delegates to contribute their own ideas and create tangible examples which begin to explore imperfection in the i-Doc The workshop will also briefly showcase ideas and findings from the Imperfect Cinema and Our Here projects to make the case for working imperfectly – from the ground up. Delegates will be invited to collaborate in DIY filmmaking activities using their mobile devices to capture and upload short sequences online during the workshop. Project Links: