"A Happier Valley: Bringing Brighouse Together" is a digital storytelling and filmmaking project which aims to unite the whole Brighouse community. The stories shared by local people will uncover how their lives have been shaped by water. These stories will form the basis of a short film, which will be premiered at the iconic Ritz Ballroom in Brighouse during the week of the 10th September before being screened at the Piece Hall on the 30th September and 1st October.
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#ChangingTheStory is an arts and filmmaking project, with the aim of empowering South African youths to represent, through film, the dominant narratives of their communities as a means of generating awareness and supporting change. The project is a collaboration between the Centre for World Cinemas and Digital Cultures at the University of Leeds, The Bishop Simeon Trust and Themba Interactive. As part of the project, we will be working with underprivileged and vulnerable youths that are su...
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The original Bute Stories created through the Pararchive project
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