Learners at York's Blueberry Academy have been working with Explore York to discover more about the history of the Melbourne Centre, where the Academy is based. This collection of stories presents what we learnt and compares daily life at the Blueberry Academy in the present day.
9 stories, collected by York Stories
A digital storytelling and filmmaking project working with the people of Brighouse to uncover and share stories of the town, their lives and the ways these have been shaped by water. These stories will form the basis of a short film that will form the centrepiece of a sharing event at Brighouse Civic Hall 4th September 2017. They will also be shared alongside photos and videos of Brighouse here. Freedom Studios will work with Brighouse artists Lee Barnes, Lucy Badrock (North Park Pictur...
9 stories, collected by Freedom Studios
Leeds City Library and the University of Leeds are putting together an online exhibition and would like to hear from residents of the Chinese Community, to learn about your relationship with Leeds and share your stories. Whether you have lived here for many years or have just arrived, we would love to hear from you! 利兹城市图书馆与利兹大学共同汇编网络展览会,欲聆听华人社群的心声, 了解他们生活在利兹的人际关系,并分享他们的故事。
8 stories, collected by Rosie Wilkinson