The Angel in Rhodes City.

Walking along the sea banks, about to catch our ferry to the beautiful island of Symi. Along the way I noticed a magnificent statue, an Angel. This is where I took my favourite picture.


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Think my favourite part of this image is the perfect circle almost dead set in the centre of the image. Also, I did not do any post editing to this photo, other than straighten up the horizon. Damn tour guides!

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With the sun in a perfect position I set up the shot. The annoying thing is that I didn't have long to just hang around and think about my composition as my group were walking away from me to the ferry, therefore I had to be quick.

I took a few shots just to get white balance, depth of field and the silhouette correct before properly framing the sun behind the reef. Once I had it correct I just shoot and walked. I looked down, and I knew straight away that this was one of my favourite photo's I've ever taken. Not because of what it is, just because of the temptation to actually take the photograph in the first place, just that knowing that I wanted that photo in my life.

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Interestingly after a quick look around the internet, I could not find what this statue was named at all. It kept bringing me back to the same name 'The Winged Victory of Samothrace' which is a totally different statue in Rhodes. (pictured above) From what I have researched, it is just a 'Statue of Victory' along the Mandraki Harbour.

When I used Google's 'image search' the only photographs that were of the statue I took were from 'Getty Images' and 'Dreamstime' which I found very odd. (link below)

Really wish I had time to read the plaque on the statue when I was there.

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