Taking back Manchester...

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On October 4th 2015, approximately 80,000 people from all corners of the country descended on Manchester to tell the government exactly what they thought of them....and it wasn't positive.


I went along with some friends and family to march through the streets showing support with amongst others - trade unions, doctors, nurses, the disabled and students.
I wanted to capture a number of scenes which I hoped would tell a story and give an accurate representation of the march on the streets.
The following images were taken and edited on an iPhone 6 and shared via twitter and Facebook within minutes being taken. The immediacy of social media in all its glory.
The visual style of the images are black and white for two main reasons.
Those being:
1.) The stark nature of black and white fits perfectly with the stark and sobering situation that many people currently find themselves in living in the U.K.
2.) There is a lot of text and typography in the images which is equally as important as the person in the photo. Thus by taking away all attention from the vibrant colours and tones, I was able to make those words and statements more prominent.

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