Wandering how I was going to go about achieving such a style, I went in search of other examples of this.

What I came across wasn’t necessarily photography, but was crucial in my understanding of the power of satire.


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An interview with Jeremy Scott, Moschino's creative director.

In this interview with Vogue, Moschino’s creative director talks about how pop culture and fashion can be used as a way of communicating icons and iconography that are understood everywhere and in any language.

Speaking one common language that everyone recognizes is important in conveying a meaning that can quickly be understood.

This can be seen in many examples of Scott’s work, where he embraces some of pop culture’s most recognizable artifacts, exploring themes of gluttony, sexuality, politics, and iconography, through American consumerism.


Going back to where I first started, scrolling through Instagram, I thought about how mobile technology and social media is used on such a massive scale all around the world using universal signs and symbols. I want to try and incorporate iconography used for popular apps to explore the idea of photo sharing and communicating via images, including the concepts of ‘followers’ and ‘notifications’.

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