The Proposal

I do, I do, I do.


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Tattoo photo by Claire Watts, 2017

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Chris and I have always said that one day we would get wed, but having the money, or rather not having the money has always been an issue. However, Chris has always convinced me that he would one day marry me, no matter what. In August this year we attended my sisters wedding. It was a beautiful wedding ceremony that took place at the Town Hall, surrounded by close friends and family. After this we all went on to the local pub, nothing posh and nothing fancy. The pub was decorated with pretty seating covers and beautiful table decorations and a hog roast for lunch. It was just perfect.

Following this wonderful day it got me thinking that all weddings do not have to cost the earth. So rather than getting an official proposal from Chris, the down on one knee kind of thing, instead we discussed ‘taking the leap on the cheap’. Admittedly at first, Chris said, “no”. This really upset me, what about all the talk of, “I’d marry you anytime Claire”……..However, after a few teething problems and Chris opening up about his fears on saying I do, the wedding was on.