This isn't entirely a rhetorical question. It's a discussion I wanted to begin on this community, because there's only so many social media posts proving how 'bad' the Tories are for the vast majority of people that I can take. One only need step out of their online echo chamber to see that enough p...

Thoughts on a disused nest.

It's difficult to know where to, and how to activate full frontal critique, especially within a conceptual writing project. Conceptual writing and full frontal don't, I'd argue mix well. So, I'd say this is a space for 'almost' full frontal critique.

This is my response to John Ledger's Is 'Hauntology' Dead?

This is part 2 of The Retro Bar at The End of the Universe’s conceptual writing project. It follows on from Kenopsia, some days later.

I wanted to start a discussion, art based response also, to the question over whether notions of 'lost future' and being in 'a time out of joint' are relevant now we appear to have moved into a different historical space.

This is the first instalment of a conceptual writing project initiated by artist-led collective The Retro Bar at the End of the Universe.


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Changing the Story is a 4 year Arts and Humanities Research Council/Global Challenges Research Fund Network plus project that uses arts-based and participatory methodologies to organisations that work with young people to help them shape post-conflict societies. We're currently working in 14 countri...

Aleena is home after her husband, Gary, is at work late. She has 3 children, Sam, Alisha, and Olivia. A man messages her about a window....

A record of why and how Ossett Primative Methodist Church obtained a new Choir Stand in 1994.

A story about how a much loved ornamental dog came to be sculpted.

The role of friendship and its potentialities within the collective.

Discussion on Friendship

Questions on beginnings, ethics and commonalities.

Why I got a Passport.

How I imagine the wedding to look

Dreams can come true.

I do, I do, I do.

How we met

An unexpected encounter.

Deep pockets are essential