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The University of Leeds Faculty of Arts presents a series of one day creative briefs, in partnership with the most dynamic arts organisations in Leeds.

Students must apply quickly for instant access to one of our exclusive, community-engaging challenges. With just two one-off briefs up for grabs this semester, spaces will melt away like hot cakes. Seize this chance to join the free fun, burst that university bubble and create some really impressive stories for the telling.

You'll want to keep half an eye on the breadcrumb trail of clues that we call our social media. This is because the Out There Challenge students don't find out what tricks and treats are in store for them until they pitch up on Challenge day. We're keeping the details on the down low.

Let's just say, everyone will be glad they took on this particular challenge. We're looking forward to a lot of happy, dazed, inspired faces!

If you don't believe us, sign up and see for yourself...

Or you can always just sit back, read the stories that unfold here, and feel just a little bit silly that you didn't decide to join in after all!

Either way, welcome to the Out There Challenge's very own ball of Yarn. We hope you enjoy unravelling it with us...



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