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"Get a passport," they said, "there’s a whole world out there to be explored". "Those who don’t travel read only a chapter, not the whole book", they said. With an upcoming holiday at my 18th Haven park, I shelved the thought whilst packing jumpers, raincoats and welly boots. Ten days of running to the clubhouse to dodge the all-day heavy rain, and my 81st attempt at the Macarena, not to mention the Agadoo, had me flirting with the image of sun-kissed beaches and glorious all day guaranteed sunshine. Maybe 35 is the perfect age to start my grand tour of Europe and eventually America. Back home with the final load of muddy holiday clothes washed and on the radiator, yep still raining, it was time to dodge another downpour on route to the Post Office. Three weeks later it arrived, I had my first ever UK passport. Hello Ryanair, Easyjet, my journey into a whole new adventure began. The one flaw, however, is being 35, could I embrace the cultural differences and whilst I am not averse to trying new things, tea was one thing I had assumed was a universal recipe and so simple to get right. I was proven wrong.

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