This story is about a bird and a little girl who was alone.


It was a weekend,Anne got up very earlier that day because she wanted to clean her house.Actually cleaning work was assigned by her step mother.
Anne was a very fair girl and she was just passed 8 years birthday.Her mother and father went abroad to earn money but kept Anne alone with her step mother Jenet.
Janet was a middle aged women and she was very rude to anyone.She was chewing something always in her mouth and talk very loudly.Janet tie her hair as a bun.Her eyes looks very red.
Poor Anne was assigned to do house work and also she needed to work in the farm.

It was the summer season of that year.After getting done house work,Anne went to the farm work.Usually she wears long boots,black colour coat,blue cotten gloves and red hat knitted by baby wool.
Whenever she was walking towards the farm she whistled very beautifully.

That day also she whistled a song which she learned from her primary school.Anne liked to jump while running to the farm.It was only the happy moment as she far away from her wicked step mother.
First she came to the Apple garden.She plucked apples by climbing to the trees but it is scary.Many times she has scars on her legs because of falling down by trees.Then she came to hens tent.She put grains to them.After that she came to her favourite place situated near to the jungle.which was under the bannian tree.Usually she visited there to have her meal.
While she was having her dry meal she began to cry.How much she cried known only the trees behind her.Suddenly a golden colour bird appeared in front of her and asked her reason behind her weeping. She told that she need to go to her parents and cannot stay with that wicked women.
The bird began to think a whistled a tone to sky.What a mavoulous scene it was?.A huge Eagle flied near to our Anne.The golden bird said the Eagle to take Anne to her parents.The Eagle got very happy and it flied with Anne to her parents.
Anne was very happy and she never forgot the kindness of that bird.
The End.

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