I just passed out my computer engineering course and now I have an idea to be a web developer.
Yesterday morning I went to my college and met carrer guidance counsellor.She was a very pleasant lady and impressed me to learn on creativeness.on the way to home I saw a small incident which impressed me to think about making a new Web page.

As soon as I came home I got down infront of my laptop.Then the main story began.
I made a Web page that help people to help themselves.If I say in short.I made it as a Social worker page.
I add a counselling page,linking helping institutions,free learning packages,free learning links,questions and answer forum etc.
My whole world changed within a short period of time.


Social worker Web page became trending.I couldn't developed it by myself only and I joined social work students to develop the Web site.
I trained student team and reward them with weekly trips,team work,games etc.So they work happily with the task.
End of every month we evaluate our Web site.Millions of people gained assistance,guidance,knowledge as well as relief from our website.
Rather than be a billionaire it was a genuine satisfaction by be a change agent.

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